ZION Holding at the GrowTech Expo 2022

Growtech 2022, the world’s most important and largest greenhouse agriculture sector expo, opened its doors at Antalya Anfaş Expo Center, Turkey on November 23 this year. GrowTech was held for the 21st time, and it brought together more than 600 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and more than 60 0000 international agricultural professionals from more than 120 countries under one roof, including Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Great Britain, Netherlands, South Korea, Iran, Jordan, Spain etc.

For the first time, the ZION Holding group of companies took part in this significant event for world agriculture. The team presented at its stand an innovative solution for sustainable agriculture: smart, productive, user and environmentally friendly plant nutrition with long-term effect – ZION ionite substrates. It allows growing plants on any type of soil, including sand, which makes Zion potentially ideal solution for MENA region agriculture. Moreover, Zion based on ionitoponics technology is able to solve the global agricultural problems: soil depletion and degradation, food scarcity, climate change.

GrowTech expo is the perfect platform for intentional expansion launch, where the global agricultural community discusses the future of industry, latest technologies and their commercial prospects of innovation.

The ZION team met with potential partners from more than a dozen countries. The Growtech exhibition closed on November 26, 2022.